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Press a Button, Get a Ride
Zont is the smartest way to move around your city.
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Book a Zont in the City You Plan on Visiting

Choose from a range of categories and prices. Zont provides professional ground transportation at the lowest rates across the globe. Mobile application Zont will help you book an airport transfer or car service in any city worldwide. You can also book online for an immediate ride. Our system shows you where the driver is in real time, ensuring quality and punctuality.

Why Zont?

Zont is the Best mobile application available worldwide for your transportation and transfer. Different car types available for your comfort, highly professional and reliable drivers.


You receive all driver’s details 3 hours prior to your trip. This will guarantee that your driver will be on time.

Car Localisation

You can see where your car is in real time. This option is available in your mobile application and can be very useful when you are waiting for your driver to come.

Worldwide Service

You can book transfers all over the world. By downloading Zont application, you will get rid of stress and waiting while being transported.